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After the Agora

  • author Margot Lee Shetterly at the Agora

    After the Agora: Coffee Hour with Margot Lee Shetterly

    Margot Lee Shetterly, author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling book, Hidden Figures, joined us for an Aggie Agora Coffee Hour on October 3. She shared about the process of writing and publishing her history of the African-American women “human computers” who worked at NASA, her experience with newfound fame, and her book’s impact. […]

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The Aggie Agora has an extensive collection of videos of past events posted on our YouTube channel. Workshops, lectures and presentations for prior years events may be found there. 

Our Valued Student Workers

Much of the work behind the scenes of the Aggie Agora is performed by our student workers. We'd like you to meet the Fall 2017 Aggie Agora student workers!

Aggie Agora student worker Angelica Bennett

Angelica Bennett is a sophomore Anthropology major with a minor in Museum Studies. Angelica aspires to become a museum curator and pursue a doctorate degree to teach anthropology at a university. In doing so, she wishes to tell the stories of people’s lives in an inspiring and personifying way. She enjoys teaching, forensic work, and managing museum collections.

Angelica stated that she desired to join the Aggie Agora team because she appreciates the purpose and work of the organization. She shared that her hope is “to broadcast Aggie Agora events to have more people involved and more proactive ideas spread.” Her job contribution is ensuring events run smoothly and efficiently.

Taren Wilson, Aggie Agora Student Worker

Taren Wilson is a junior International Study Commerce major with a minor in Performance Studies. Taren is passionate about traveling – and has already travelled to Germany, Italy, Spain, and Morocco with her major – as well as studying languages. She believes “being a citizen of the world is imperative to a meaningful existence and can positively affect your interaction with the world around you.”

Taren wholeheartedly supports the mission of the Aggie Agora, and is excited to use her skills in event logistics and social media coordination to enhance the organization. “I would like to make the Aggie Agora program a monument and a shining beacon,” Taren explained. “I hope that through my service I can make Aggie Agora an essential part of the Texas A&M experience.”

Alix Ploth, Aggie Agora Student Worker Fall 2017

My name is Alix Poth, and I am a graduating senior Communication major with a minor in English. Learning about how people interact with each other, and how those interactions can be meaningful and productive, fascinates me. After graduating in December, I am seeking to work in church and evangelistic ministry utilizing my training in communication and administration.

I was eager to join the Aggie Agora team as I greatly admire the goal of promoting constructive dialogue about often-difficult topics. This semester, my role is to help events run smoothly and to write “After the Agora” articles highlighting the illuminating events and speakers hosted by the organization. Be sure to join us in all the exciting things going on with the Aggie Agora at!