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Climate & Inclusion Committee

Srividya Ramasubramanian, Associate Dean for Climate & Inclusion , Chair
Joshua Harms, Administrative Coordinator II, Dean’s Office
Steven Ramos, Undergraduate Student, Anthropology
Shelley Wachsmann, Professor, Anthropology
Nicole Ellis, Assistant to the Dept. Head, Anthropology
Tasha Dubriwny, Associate Professor, Communication and Women’s and Gender Studies
Alexandra Schuur Sousa, Graduate Student, Communication
Ragan Petrie, Associate Professor, Economics
Michael Collins, Associate Professor, English
Regina Peters, Lecturer, English Language Institute
Diane Kraft, Assistant Dean, Health Science Center
Yoandy Cabrera, Graduate Student, Hispanic Studies
Rick Curry, Associate Professor, Hispanic Studies
Yoandy Cabera, Grad Student, Hispanic Studies
Yumary Alfonso Entralgo, Grad Student, Hispanic Studies
Jonathan Coopersmith, Professor, History
Dinah Hannaford, Assistant Professor, International Studies
Marisa Suhm, Assistant Director, Multicultural Services Department
David Donkor, Associate Professor, Performance Studies and Africana Studies
Martin Peterson, Professor, Philosophy
Dominique Hawkins, Undergraduate Student, Political Science
Shannon Peairson, Senior Research Associate, Public Policy Research Institute
Lisa Bowden, Senior Academic Advisor II, Psychology
Mary Meagher, Professor, Psychology
Jyotsna Vaid, Professor, Psychology
Joe Feagin, Professor, Sociology