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Graduate Instruction Committee

The Graduate Instruction Committee studies and recommends actions relating to:

  • Proposals for new graduate courses and modification to existing courses
  • Proposals for new graduate degree programs and modifications to existing programs
  • Other matters relating to curriculum and instruction at the graduate level

Department of Anthropology

Lori Wright

Department of Communication

Kristan A. Poirot

Office of the Dean

Gerianne M. Alexander, Chair

Office of the Dean

Leroy G. Dorsey

Department of Economics

Silvana Krasteva

Department of English

Sally A. Robinson

Department of Hispanic Studies

Esther Quintana

Department of History

Lorien Foote

Department of Performance Studies

David Donkor

Department of Philosophy

Kenneth Easwaran

Department of Political Science

Matthew Fuhrmann

Department of Psychology

Charles D. Samuelson  /  Sherecce Fields

Department of Sociology

Harland Prechel