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Planning and Resources Committee

The Planning and Resources Committee is charged to make general policy recommendations, and where appropriate, specific decisions about resource allocation, relating to:

  • Library
  • Computer Facilities
  • Research Funding
  • Other matters relating to resources necessary to support professional scholarship
  • Long-range and short-range planning
  • Establishment, reorganization, and discontinuation of organizational units for instructions, research, and administration
  • Other matters affecting College development

Committee Members

ANTH – Vaughn Bryant 
COMM – Johanna Dunaway 
ECON – Guoqiang Tian 
ENGL – Shona Jackson 
HISP – Gabriela Zapata 
HIST – Brian Linn 
INTS – Manuela Marchesini 
PERF – Martin Regan 
PHIL – Claire Katz 
POLS – Michelle Taylor-Robinson 
PSYC – Darrell Worthy 
SOCI – Samuel Cohn