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Polling Experts Discuss the Effects Of Immigration, Nativism On Contemporary Politics Feb. 12

Cliff Young, President of Ipsos U.S. Public Affairs, the leading global public opinion research organization, will host a panel discussion featuring recognized experts in polling, politics and economics on the rise of nativist sentiment and its meaning for contemporary politics at Texas A&M University on Monday, Feb. 12, 3:30-4:45 p.m.

The discussion titled “Immigration, Nativism & Changing Politics” at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Orientation Theater will be the culminating event of a day-long conference in which internationally recognized scholars examine how changes in immigration, the rise of populism and declining confidence in institutions have restructured politics.

In addition to Young, the panel will include:

  • Martial Foucault, professor of political science at Sciences Po Paris, director of political research center CEVIPOF (CNRS), and a leading expert on European public opinion and politics;
  • Daron Shaw, professor of political science at the University of Texas at Austin, strategist for George W. Bush’s 2000 and 2004 presidential campaigns, and the author of “Unconventional Wisdom: Facts and Myths about American Voters;”
  • Kyle Kondik, managing editor of “Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball” at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, and the author of “The Bellwether: Why Ohio Picks the President;” and
  • Chris Garman, managing director for the Americas at the Eurasia Group.

In his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to disrupt the status quo of American politics, build a wall along the Southern border and restrict immigration into the United States. In his first year in office, Trump has upended traditional norms of presidential behavior while issues of immigration have continued to divide the political parties.

Young argues that the rise of nativist views is a key driver in a broader, global cycle of growing populism and support for disruptive political candidates who promise to bend the rules and upend rigged political and economic systems.

The event is sponsored by Ipsos Public Affairs and Texas A&M’s European Union Center, the Public Policy Research Institute and the College of Liberal Arts Social Science Consortium. It is open and free to the public, but registration is required.


Media contact:  Kirby Goidel, Director of the Public Policy Research Institute,, (979) 458-3231